Harmony For Life - Why?

Sometimes there is a moment in a one's life when they begin to realize that the environment in which they live ceases to resonate with their needs, with their idea of fulfillment and happiness, whether it is materially or religiously oriented.

The problem of material and consumer society is that a one's happiness is measured by their movable property, money, and personal power. However, in such society, we can never achieve satisfaction and be entirely happy with what we have, because we can always have even more. Material society also has constructs to fuel fear in every person, fear that if you do not do this or do that, you will not be able to achieve the possibility of having certain material goods. Every person then becomes completely dependant on such system, bound, regulated and domesticated in all his activities. They are pushed by permanent fear into things they would naturally never do, and the spiritual side of their personality gradually stuns so that they do not even realize it over time. If the system works like this for many generations, the spiral of decay of the spiritual side of people is falling incredibly deep. A spiritually stunted personality is ideal for manipulation and abuse.

In addition to material society, in today's world we have societies dominated by religion (Christianity, Islam, etc.). These societies are protected by a "label" of spiritual orientation and human development. In fact, these religions have long since left their spiritual roots and have little in common with "spirituality" and, ultimately for men, are not very different from the material and consumer world. (Therefore, in most countries, these two systems can work well in perfect symbiosis.) For the same purpose as in the previous case, people here are controlled by prohibitions, orders and dogmas, motivated by the fear that if they do not follow everything, punishment will follow. Somehow it is automatically assumed that everyone is bad and it is necessary to educate them. Even for religion, a spiritually stunted personality is ideal for manipulation and abuse.

The spiritual side of men, which is an integral part of every being (as I perceive it), is based on the perception of subtle energies. These energies resonate with the individual energetic bodies of men and give everyone the opportunity to connect with their "higher self".This connection brings a lot of information and perceptions that allow you to detach yourself from the ubiquitous fear and embark on your own path of knowledge and happy being.

The power of thought can transform a one's life from the ground up, including his perception of themselves and their surroundings.

They will see things in other, broader contexts. They can look at themselves with different eyes, with a different scale of values. They are able to reveal the all-encompassing manipulation, the artificially created reality of the consumer world, or religious dogmas, but in any case the power structures and the (essentially) omnipotent mass media connected to them.

One of the possible ways (far from the only) of developing the spiritual side of men through the perception of subtle energy is the chakra system. It is a very important energy system of every being, which connects the action of subtle energies with specific organs and specific functions of the human body as well as with its spiritual aspects. If the chakras work properly, are not blocked or disharmonious, then it is the best prevention against all diseases and all afflictions that can be encountered mentally.

Harmonization of the chakras means harmonization of men - with themselves, with other people, with nature, with the Earth, with the universe and all the forces that are in the universe.

It is not an easy way, but it is worth it. That is why we will try to gather everything you need, here on this site …… .

Milan Jančařík